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PrivCon Privacy Awards
April 3, 2024 | Lagos, Nigeria
Celebrating developmental drives in the Nigerian privacy and data protection industry.

About The Awards

Introducing PrivCon Privacy Awards

As Nigeria forges ahead in establishing a robust culture of compliance and capacity in the privacy and data protection industry, the PrivCon Privacy Awards serve as a platform to showcase and honor professionals, stakeholders, and businesses contributing to the growth of this emerging field.


PrivCon Privacy Awards is organized as part of PrivCon Nigeria – a convergence of privacy professionals, policy makers, and stakeholders in the privacy and data protection industry in Nigeria.

Our Aim

The aim of PrivCon Privacy Awards is to recognize and celebrate exceptional contributions to the advancement of privacy and data protection in Nigeria. By identifying and honoring individuals, businesses, and organizations that exemplify excellence, the awards program seeks to promote awareness, encourage best practices, and inspire the growth of the privacy industry in the country.

Additionally, PrivCon aims to foster a community of collaboration and networking among privacy professionals, while also contributing to capacity building through the acknowledgment of achievements in education, research, and advocacy. Ultimately, the awards serve as a platform to inspire a culture of compliance, responsibility, and continuous improvement in the field of privacy and data protection.

Final Nominees

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